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5th Executive Committee, 2018-2019

Allie Poon (HKU MBBS 2024)

Vice Presidents
Kevin Lok (CUHK MBChB 2024)

Winnie Zheng (HKU MBBS 2024)

Financial and Sponsorship Secretary
Felicia Chu (HKU MBBS 2024)

Public Relations Director
Brian Lam (CUHK MBChB 2024)

Publications and Promotions Director
Lisa Or (HKU MBBS 2024)
Daisy Yuen (CUHK MBChB 2024)

Workshop Directors
Felix Chau (CUHK MBChB 2024)
Derrick Chong (CUHK MBChB 2024)
Felix Kwan (HKU MBBS 2024)

Career Events Directors
Eva Lee (HKU MBBS 2023)
Angel Leung (CUHK MBChB 2024)
Kenneth Yau (HKU MBBS 2023)

External Events Directors
Betty Au-Yeung (HKU MBBS 2024)
Kitty Wong (CUHK MBChB 2024)
David Wei (CUHK MBChB 2024)

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