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Careers Night

Careers Night is a series of interactive events that provides precious opportunities for medical students to explore further into the field of surgery. Prestigious surgeons are invited as guest speakers to share their first-hand experience from being a medical student to a surgeon, what they have gone through and have been rewarded in their careers. Whether or not you have found your interest in surgery, the  sharings will be useful for you to connect the dots between your current studies and future careers.

Open to all medical students.


CN details


Careers Night II

Date: Sep - Oct (TBC)
Venue: HKUMed Campus (TBC)
Time: TBC

Eligibility: All undergraduate medical students

Applications will open in due time.

Interested students please follow our Instagram page @ssahongkong for the most up to date announcements!

For all enquiries regarding Careers Night, please feel free to email

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