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3rd Executive Committee, 2016-2017

Edmund Sung (HKU MBBS 2022)

Vice President
Tiffany Chu (CUHK MBChB 2022)

Ringo Cho (HKU MBBS 2022)

Financial Secretary
Howard So (CUHK MBChB 2022)

Career Events Directors
Christopher Au (CUHK MBChB 2022)
Natalie Kan (CUHK MBChB 2022)

External Events Director
Jack Wong (CUHK MBChB 2022)
Wilson Chau (CUHK MBChB 2021)

Senior Workshop Directors
Justin Lam (CUHK MBChB 2018)
Ellen Mui (CUHK MBChB 2018)

Workshop Directors
Aemon Wong (CUHK MBChB 2021)
Evan Shang (CUHK MBChB 2021)
Gary Cheung (HKU MBBS 2022)

Publications and Promotions Director
Clayton Cheng (CUHK MBChB 2020)
Phoebe Law (CUHK MBChB 2022)

IT Director
Catherine Lung (CUHK MBChB 2021)

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